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The Player’s Health Team – Being a Mission-Led Business

The Player’s Health Team – Being a Mission-Led Business August 4, 2020Leave a comment

At Player’s Health, our purpose is to “create the safest environment for athletes.” This requires that we “create and maintain brands and products that provide a Circle of Care for safety, trust, accountability, and accessibility to athletes.” In doing so, we create a place where fun and peace of mind live in sports.

To fulfill our purpose, we offer a Circle of Care that is built to provide safety and protection for all athletes. Our products allow us to walk alongside each and every amateur athlete with accessibility that is in the palm of their hand. We also provide the tools and capabilities to assist sports organizations in developing the governance and compliance policies needed to maintain healthy and safe environments. 

Our team lives our brand each and every day. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to fulfill our purpose. We’ve asked them for comments on why they like working with Player’s Health.
Player’s Health – NFLPA Pitch Day 2020 Winner
“The mission to make sports as safe as possible has been my objective and goal in life!  A leap of faith is taken every day. The reason I say that is, we are hoping people want to do their very best to prevent abuse and misconduct in youth sports. At Player’s Health, we treat every organization as the unique entity they are and don’t take a “cookie-cutter” approach to abuse prevention and background screening. We consult as a part of their team to ensure their success and athlete safety. When you see our CEO Tyrre Burks work, he genuinely cares for every customer and it exudes confidence in what we all do here.”

Josh Opiola, VP of Risk Services

“Companies have a mission statement for a reason, but few companies that I’ve experienced have been so true to theirs than Player’s Health. This is not about business; it’s about creating genuine partnerships with youth sports organizations to ensure the safest environment for youth athletes. When they’re safe, they’re comfortable. When they’re comfortable it’s a whole lot easier to have fun and enjoy the sport! PH’s passion for people and for the safest experience makes us stand out from the crowd.

We have an amazing group of team players, but rising above the rest is Anastasia. If anyone has been nimble and versatile it’s her. From the time difference to going above and beyond working longer hours to deliver development updates for our customers, to the willingness and understanding to change priorities on a dime, it’s a blessing (and utterly amazing) what she accomplishes. THANK YOU, Anastasia!”

Molly McCort, Director of Risk Management

“I love Player’s Health’s mission to protect all athletes. I want athletes to feel safe and cared for like I did when I played sports. Unfortunately, that’s not the reality for everyone, but it needs to be. I’d like to make a shout out to our interns: Kahleag, Amanda, Meade, Chase and Max. They’ve been invaluable throughout the summer and I am extremely grateful for all their hard work.”

Kayla Finnerty, Marketing Manager

“The Player’s Health mission is a reflection of the importance of honesty, honor, trust, and camaraderie. Player’s Health differentiates itself from competitors by putting ourselves in the shoes of our users, clients, partners, and all relationships. We are a company that understands the good, the bad, and the ugly in sports. We focus on ensuring that we close the gaps in terms of needs for the sports industry and ultimately the human understanding and desire to make the lives of administrators, coaches, guardians, athletic trainers, and athletes that much easier and safer. Through our unique product offerings, we build applications that are truly meant for our users. Our users help steer the ship in the fact that they can trust that we’ll listen and trust our direction in terms of improvements in their everyday lives. I’m in a role that truly brings me joy and a role that I thrive in each day as it’s one of the aspects of my life’s many purposes. 

The culture of the Player’s Health is that of a team with a family-based focus. We hold each other accountable, we push each other to improve, we are always willing to help and we understand that this is a mission much bigger than an individual’s success. We embrace creativity, self-expression, and actively listen to each other. The drive, focus, and determination that Anastasia Kim is contagious. Her spirit is one of kindness, willingness to help others, and a genuine understanding to help create the change that she wants to see.”

Brownson Arebojie, Director of Customer Success

“This week I want to praise Brownson Arebojie. As Player’s Health continues to grow, he has been forced to juggle a lot of different projects and he has kept a positive and helpful attitude through it all. He’s always willing to take an extra moment to ensure that all of his client’s or coworker’s needs are met and their questions are answered. He has made my internship experience very enjoyable, during what I am sure is a stressful time for him.”

Meade Avery, Customer Success Intern

“Every one of our employees are incredibly passionate about our mission. Most have been athletes and value integrity and honesty. Each person brings their heart and drive into every task because of the greater vision. As a co-founder, I joined Player’s Health while the company didn’t have any money, product market fit, or employees. The whole journey has been a leap of faith, but it’s a blessing to wake up excited for work every morning.

PH office culture is like being on the rugby field. There is a level of intensity in the office that mirrors a sports team. Everyone works as a unit focused on one goal and one mission.”

Chris Pesigan, US Insurance Leader

“As someone who has participated in youth sports myself, I am very proud to be a part of an organization that is improving the landscape of youth sports. Player’s Health is helping to ensure that every youth athlete feels supported, which in turn makes sports more enjoyable for everyone!”

Amanda Hilmes, Design Intern

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