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WELCOME TO THE TEAM: Brownson Arebojie Jr.

WELCOME TO THE TEAM: Brownson Arebojie Jr. December 30, 2019Leave a comment
Player’s Health is happy to introduce Brownson Arebojie Jr. as the Director of Customer Success. Brownson joined the team in June of 2019 and has seven years of experience working in Sports IT and holds a genuine desire to help provide the best customer experience for anyone he comes across.

While attending college at the University of Minnesota Duluth, Brownson quickly realized his passion for working with customers through his experience working at Grandma’s Saloon in various roles as well as the RSOP fitness center at his college. Brownson chose to join Player’s Health to help bridge the gap of needs within the sports ecosystem and ensure the safest environment for all athletes, individuals, and those apart of an association, club or organization.

I’m patient, passionate, an eager learner, an attentive listener, and I strive daily to improve upon my skillets both professionally and personally.  There’s no end to learning, and there’s no end to setting goals. I feel grateful to have found a home here at Player’s Health and am excited to grow along with a vibrant company full of dedicated, passionate, and skilled professionals with a common goal of creating the safest environment within the sports and health ecosystems. At Player’s Health, I can help create a culture built upon family and honest desire to help change the world. Brownson Arebojie Jr.
Brownson’s favorite sports include basketball, rugby and soccer.

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