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Colorado Amateur Hockey Association Joins Player’s Health

Colorado Amateur Hockey Association to use Player's Health Protect in September
August 13th, 2018

Colorado Amateur Hockey Association Joins Player’s Health August 13, 2018Leave a comment
Colorado Amateur Hockey Association

Player’s Health welcomes the Colorado Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) to the Player’s Health family!


CAHA, an award-winning sports organization, partnered with Player’s Health to foster a safer, more secure environment for their athletes. CAHA will mandate use the Player’s Health Protect misconduct reporting platform for it’s 12,000 athlete organization for all SafeSport violations.


Executive Director and President Randy Kanai said of the partnership, “We are excited to begin this partnership with Players Health Protect to provide the best-in-class reporting and tracking system and even more importantly, take the next step in providing the protections our youth deserve each and every day.”


The Colorado Amateur Hockey Association is the state governing body for youth hockey in Colorado.  CAHA’s mission is to maintain the integrity of the game for the enjoyment of all.  Their programs include tournaments, camps, and clinics in the Colorado region with programs for all ages.


Improving on Excellence – Colorado Amateur Hockey Association

While CAHA currently supports a SafeSport portal on their website, Player’s Health Protect will replace that system to allow anonymous misconduct reports. This encourages more transparent reporting and improves accessibility via app. It also will allow them to more efficiently manage incidents to meet mandatory reporting timelines.


“Couldn’t be more proud to be involved with this joint adventure of athlete protection,” said Michelle Peterson, CAHA SafeSport Coordinator. “CAHA has always been a leader when it comes to protecting their athletes from abuse and misconduct, with strong leadership and a commitment from the CAHA BOD, to early implementation of SafeSport and continued support and services to all CAHA members, athlete safety has always been CAHA’s priority. Now, CAHA again is taking this movement to the next level by joining with PHP and giving athletes a voice by making reporting available for when and how they choose to come forward. Stetting the standard high for others to follow – and the protection of athletes – is why CAHA and PHP make a great team.”


CAHA will use Player’s Health Protect in a multi-year deal. They expect to fully implement the solution by September 7th.


“We’re so thrilled to have CAHA as a new Player’s Health sports partner; they truly understand our vision to make the world of sports a better, safer, more secure place,” said Player’s Health Founder and CEO Tyrre Burks. “I am confident in Player’s Health’s abilities to offer sports organizations the best comprehensive insurance coverage, policy options, a faster claims experience, and a variety of free risk management services and products to address their specific needs. We can ensure (and insure) our athletes have the best opportunities to set their goals— and win!”


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