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Three epic sports that you may not have heard about!

Three epic sports that you may not have heard about! July 20, 2017Leave a comment

There are many sports in this world, but how many of them do you actually know? Here are three sports that you may not know have existed.

One sport that is not commonly played or aired on television is chess boxing. Chess boxing combines two traditional activities into one sport. Dutch performer Lepe Rubingh invented chess boxing in 2003. This sport is popular in Germany, Russia, India, and Great Britain. The first competition took place in Berlin in 2003 – which is pretty recent compared to other classic sports like soccer, football, etc. A chess boxing match consists of eleven rounds of chess and boxing. The match begins with a chess game lasting three minutes and then is moved on by five bouts of three-minute boxing rounds. The objective is to knock out your opponent in the ring, or by checkmate in chess. If the opponent exceeds nine minutes in chess then the other player wins. It takes a lot of skill on both ends of the two to win the game. 

The next sport is underwater hockey also known as Octopush in the United Kingdom. This game goes way back to the 1950’s when the British navy played this game to keep their divers fit and to improve their ability to move and swim around efficiently under water. The sport has come to 20 countries as of now. Each player must wear appropriate gear to partake in the game; this equipment consists of fins, a diving mask and snorkel, and thick latex gloves. And of course, like hockey, there is a puck and stick involved. The puck is similar to an ice hockey puck and made out of plastic, and the sticks are distinctly shorter than the ones used in ice hockey. Each team has 12 players, and 10 of which can play in one game. The rules are that there is no body contact unless your stick is on the puck, and no touching the puck with anything but your stick. The aim is to make a goal in the other team’s area.

Underwater hockey is played under the water, so it makes it harder for spectators to see what’s really going on, which is why it’s best to get in on an action by getting involved!  

One outdoor sport you may not have heard of is bossaball. Bossaball originated in Spain and is still actively played around the country. This ball sport merges volleyball, football, and gymnastics into one – along with some good salsa music in the background. Bossaball is also played in other South American countries, as well as France, Switzerland, Egypt, Greece, and Slovenia. There are two teams that compete against each other; each team is composed of three to five players. The game is played using a net and is set on a trampoline.  The ball can only be touched up to eight times by one team and then passed on to the next team. The players are allowed to use their feet, hands, and head. Players can use volleyball and soccer touch techniques during the game, but they are not allowed to throw the ball or guide the ball for more than one second. If the ball touches the opposing team’s area, then the other team scores a point; so it’s important to keep the ball up in the air. There are three sets in a game, the first team who earns 21 points wins one set.

Now that you know more about these three sports it’s time to try them out!




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