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Three Athletes Injured on one play in HS Football game

Three Athletes Injured on one play in HS Football game October 10, 2016Leave a comment

Over the weekend a high school football game in Virginia, between Buckingham and Goochland high school, was ended early after three athletes from the same team collided while trying to tackle an opposing player. In the middle of the fourth quarter three Buckingham defenders converged on an opposing ball carrier, who then slipped, resulting in all three teammates colliding head on. Two of these players received a neck injury and one a head injury, and all three were taken to a nearby hospital in ambulances.

Injuries are always unfortunate to encounter, but, head and neck injuries are the scariest and most serious. Head and neck injuries can result in hard to identify damage and lasting complications. These issues make it extremely important that these injuries are identified and handled properly. Trainers and coaches must be prepared with a clear and organized approach to these injuries.

After the initial treatment, the recovery and documentation of the injury is vital as well. If not rehabilitated fully, the athlete could risk re-injury or permanent complications. If the injury is not documented properly,
injuries could potentially “slip through the cracks”, where as If the injury is documented correctly, the injury information will be available and accessible when needed. This is important for when an athletes starts feeling symptoms from his or her past injury, and will be able to understand why.

Thankfully, all three athletes are OK and have been released from the hospital. We hope that their injuries were handled properly and will recover quickly. Injuries in youth athletics, especially football, are occurring often. Make sure the youth athletes around you are receiving proper care and attention.

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