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Cam Newton and NFL head injuries

Cam Newton and NFL head injuries October 3, 2016Leave a comment

Cam Newton was diagnosed with a concussion for the first time in his NFL career during a game against the Atlanta Falcons in week 4, according to the New York Times. Although Cam Newton wasn’t diagnosed with a concussion until week four, it is possible that he had suffered a concussion in prior games. In one game in particular, week one against the Denver Broncos, The Carolina Panthers quarterback received multiple hard hits to his helmet and was visually in pain afterwards. Cam was seen multiple times laying or kneeling on the ground holding his head in agony. Although he was clearly distraught, Cam Newton remained in the game and was never pulled out to be evaluated for a concussion. Could Cam have already been suffering from a concussion and should he have even been in the game?

The NFL has been implemented a number of regulations to the recognition and handling of head injuries to it’s athletes, but does not appear to be consistently enforcing them. Even with advancements in technology and research the NFL has access to it is still mishandling head injuries. This is creating a lot of fear for the health of youth athletes, who are playing within leagues and organizations that don’t have access to as advanced of resources. Without instant replay and constant media exposure, it is a lot more likely for an athletic trainer or coach on the sideline to miss possible head injuries to their players.

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