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Player’s Health Partners With Pro Financial Services

Player’s Health Partners With Pro Financial Services August 24, 2016Leave a comment


Recognizing that an athletic injury should never set you back financially, Player’s Health partnered with Pro Financial Services (PSF) to provide state-of-the-art protection and services to our users. PFS works with youth organizations to cover general liability, participant accidents, and catastrophic coverage.

At Player’s Health we offer users the opportunity to add PSF insurance coverage plans for their sports organizations. Player’s Health recommends three of the most utilized coverage options provided by PSF: General liability coverage, participant coverage, and catastrophic coverage.

General liability coverage protects organizations from personal injuries or property damage caused by the coaches, players, volunteers, and event invitees. Participant coverage offers a supplemental health insurance plan for athletes participating in the event, while catastrophic coverage protects individuals in when severe injuries occur.

Bradford S. Wood, St. Louis Cardinals Senior Vice President and CFO said he considers PSF one of his team’s most trusted and dependable providers.

“PFS happens to be one the St. Louis Cardinals’ most trusted and loyal insurance underwriters. PFS often provides sound strategies for reducing risks as it relates to insuring our players for injuries,” said Wood.

PSF is  a leading insurance provider for professional athletics, but also provides extensive comprehensive insurance coverage options for youth, college, and high school level athletes and coaches.

Player’s Health strives to enhance the overall safety of athletes with a complete HIPAA-compliant, mobile platform that streamlines care and communication by connecting medical professionals, athletes, coaches, and guardians. Player’s Health partnership with PFA extends our risk management capabilities to keep athletes safe while reducing financial risks to organizations.


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