New technology that could change concussion treatment and prevention

Injuries are an inevitable part of playing sports, and many coaches have seen it happen time and time again. However, detecting injuries are difficult, especially concussions, which are the leading cause of brain injuries, sports-related deaths, and future brain damage. Our founder and CEO Tyrre Burks says that during his coaching days, he was worried about not knowing whether or not his players were injured, thus motivating him to create Player’s Health. Fortunately, others have followed suit and companies such as Windpact, Viconic Sporting, and SYNCTHINK have also created new technologies that will reduce and detect concussions and make the sports environment safer sports for many athletes.

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Are treatment methods for sports injuries evidence-based?

The rapid rise of the Internet and technology has made information easily accessible. Many people – doctors, journalists, and students – have access to information provided by people hundreds of miles away. Even sports health specialists benefit from having access to sports health literature. However, despite how easy it is to find research,  a study conducted by the British Journal of Sports Medicine finds that most practitioners base their treatment of athletes on personal experience rather than observational evidence.

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Tips on choosing the right first sport for your child

In today’s society, three out of four American families have at least one child who is involved in an organized sport. There are a number of reasons why it is so important to get involved in sports. Sports help children stay in shape, build friendships, improve academic growth, and pick up on many useful traits. Many children have a curious interest and desire in joining a sport, but may not know where to start. As adults and parents, it is important to step in and lead your child towards the right and optimal path.

The first step is to see if your child is ready to start playing a sport and that does not always associate with how old your child is; it is crucial to remember that kids mature at different rates. You should not feel compelled to sign your child up for a sport just because your neighbor’s kids are signing up. Readiness has to do with your child’s desire to join and ability to meet the needs and demands of a particular sport. It takes stamina and endurance for sport-specific skills so it may also be helpful to talk to your doctor and get a routine check up to make sure that your child is physically ready. Continue reading “Tips on choosing the right first sport for your child”

Why should athletes drink green tea?

Green tea has many benefits for everyone, including athletes. Not only does it taste good, it also contains caffeine, which provides an energy and performance boost without the high levels of sugar commonly found in sports drinks. However, what most people don’t know is that green tea also comes with a lot antioxidants, improves endurance, and increases metabolism.

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