Help Your Athlete Recover From His or Her Injury Properly

According to a 2014 ESPN sports poll, over 87 percent of parents worry about their child getting hurt while playing sports. Injuries can happen to any athlete in just about any sport, and the only way to remove the risk of your kid getting injured during sports is to deprive them of all athletics. Although an injury-free child would be nice, it is not worth sheltering your kid from all the possible lessons and amusement sports have to offer. Sports play a huge role in the physical, social, and intellectual development of our youth.

With this being said, it is very important that when a kid does suffer an injury of any kind, he or she receives the best care possible in order to ensure that they can recover properly and continue their athletic career. Youth sports injuries can often be complicated and difficult to deal with, placing a large importance on the management and documentation. Continue reading Help Your Athlete Recover From His or Her Injury Properly

Cam Newton and NFL head injuries

Cam Newton was diagnosed with a concussion for the first time in his NFL career during a game against the Atlanta Falcons in week 4, according to the New York Times. Although Cam Newton wasn’t diagnosed with a concussion until week four, it is possible that he had suffered a concussion in prior games. In one game in particular, week one against the Denver Broncos, The Carolina Panthers quarterback received multiple hard hits to his helmet and was visually in pain afterwards. Cam was seen multiple times laying or kneeling on the ground holding his head in agony. Although he was clearly distraught, Cam Newton remained in the game and was never pulled out to be evaluated for a concussion. Could Cam have already been suffering from a concussion and should he have even been in the game?

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Player’s Health Partners With Pro Financial Services


Recognizing that an athletic injury should never set you back financially, Player’s Health partnered with Pro Financial Services (PSF) to provide state-of-the-art protection and services to our users. PFS works with youth organizations to cover general liability, participant accidents, and catastrophic coverage.

At Player’s Health we offer users the opportunity to add PSF insurance coverage plans for their sports organizations. Player’s Health recommends three of the most utilized coverage options provided by PSF: General liability coverage, participant coverage, and catastrophic coverage.

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Player’s Health Partners With SportsEngine

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Player’s Health and  SportsEngine’s registration products and were both sparked from athletic passions. The 2016 partnership between the two companies emerged from a shared passion to improve athlete care and to enhance the sport life experience.

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Player’s Health Celebrates One-Year Anniversary


Minneapolis, Minnesota- July 20, 2016- Player’s Health, a premiere sports injury management company specializing in injury documentation, celebrated its first anniversary on July 15, 2016.

The company, which recently moved its headquarters from Chicago to Minneapolis, kicked off its anniversary celebration with the opening of new office at 807 West Broadway St. in Northeast Minneapolis. They are now sharing office space with SportsEngine, a new company partner.

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