Legal Landscape of Youth Sports Today

Sports used to be impromptu games at the park for kids in the neighborhood. It used to be a pastime for kids, and for parents, an opportunity to get some space. It was loose, fun, and unregulated.

Today, youth sports in an industry. As it has grown, laws have sprung up in response the inherent dangers of sports – namely, concussion legislature.

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Perceived Dangers of Youth Sports

Will you let your kids play (insert your sport)?

16% will hold their children from playing sports, specifically due to concussion risks, according to a Harris Poll survey sponsored by the American Osteopathic Association. 51% responded that they would allow their children to play on an organized team and the remaining 33% responded that it depended on the sport. Rugby had the lowest percentage of parents that would allow their children to participate coming in at 6%. Basketball had the highest at 66%.
There are stark differences between rugby and basketball and parents are aware of this.
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Three Athletes Injured on one play in HS Football game

Over the weekend a high school football game in Virginia, between Buckingham and Goochland high school, was ended early after three athletes from the same team collided while trying to tackle an opposing player. In the middle of the fourth quarter three Buckingham defenders converged on an opposing ball carrier, who then slipped, resulting in all three teammates colliding head on. Two of these players received a neck injury and one a head injury, and all three were taken to a nearby hospital in ambulances.

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Help Your Athlete Recover From His or Her Injury Properly

According to a 2014 ESPN sports poll, over 87 percent of parents worry about their child getting hurt while playing sports. Injuries can happen to any athlete in just about any sport, and the only way to remove the risk of your kid getting injured during sports is to deprive them of all athletics. Although an injury-free child would be nice, it is not worth sheltering your kid from all the possible lessons and amusement sports have to offer. Sports play a huge role in the physical, social, and intellectual development of our youth.

With this being said, it is very important that when a kid does suffer an injury of any kind, he or she receives the best care possible in order to ensure that they can recover properly and continue their athletic career. Youth sports injuries can often be complicated and difficult to deal with, placing a large importance on the management and documentation. Continue reading Help Your Athlete Recover From His or Her Injury Properly

Cam Newton and NFL head injuries

Cam Newton was diagnosed with a concussion for the first time in his NFL career during a game against the Atlanta Falcons in week 4, according to the New York Times. Although Cam Newton wasn’t diagnosed with a concussion until week four, it is possible that he had suffered a concussion in prior games. In one game in particular, week one against the Denver Broncos, The Carolina Panthers quarterback received multiple hard hits to his helmet and was visually in pain afterwards. Cam was seen multiple times laying or kneeling on the ground holding his head in agony. Although he was clearly distraught, Cam Newton remained in the game and was never pulled out to be evaluated for a concussion. Could Cam have already been suffering from a concussion and should he have even been in the game?

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